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Welcome to the world of personal life coaching. Join the thousands of men and women all over the world who are now engaged in the personal life coaching experience!

Are you frustrated with the feeling that you are not living up to your full life potential? No matter what area, whether it be personal/romantic relationships, spiritual growth, divorce, career, transitional phases of life or any of the life phases one encounters that we must move and grow through, please know that I care and am interested in helping you realize your full potential for happiness, success and prosperity.

What is a Life Skills Coach?

A life skills coach supports and encourages you by clarifying your vision of what a perfect life would be and to assist you in learning how to deal with change, self limiting beliefs, and the living of your dreams. Perhaps a description of the following life areas will better describe what can be accomplished through Life Skills Coaching: Types of Coaching. Also, see what others are saying about the coaching experience and how they have enjoyed the results of achieving goals and living some of their dearest dreams.

What is Coaching all about?

Coaching is the continuing dialogue between you and your coach whereby the coach engages the art of listening and communication (questioning) to assist in achieving goals, enhancing performance and moving you toward greater achievement and a rewarding lifestyle. Coaching involves bringing into vivid focus your needs, values and vision, and helps you set goals and new actions that will lead to personal and professional development, hence, greater satisfaction and fulfillment in all areas of life.

A coach establishes a trusting climate (ensuring confidentiality), listens intently to your visions and dreams and communicates curiosity, enthusiasm and support. A coach mirrors your values, needs, aspirations, and evokes your own solutions to problems and fosters self awareness.

A coach is NOT a therapist; some differences between coaching and therapy being:

Therapy is about progress.

Coaching is about:

  • Performance
  • Helping the client invent a future from their own possibilities
  • Evoking answers from the client, exploring and developing their own standards, values and visions.


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